CARA Gilded Palette - Limited Edition

  • This luxurious eyeshadow collection isinspired by the richness of royal jewel tones. The winter is a time to feel glamorous, luxurious, and shine. This beautiful palette has 5 pigment rich high shimmer colors from 24 karat gold to smokey topaz. This palette is the sovereign collection of the season, a must have to create a myriad of looks for every skin tone and event.

    QUEBEC: A royal sapphire blue with an amethyst sparkle.

    TULUM: A treasured smokey deep quartz with gilded flecks.

    ARUBA: A crowning rich shimmery garnet.

    CUZCO: A queen worthy antique gilded bronze.

    BEIJING: a 24 karat gold shimmer ready to reign.

    $69.00 (Value: $99.50)

  • Small Unicolors:
    Quebec, Tulum, Aruba, Cuzco, Beijing

  • Benefits: Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic, Silky Texture, True to Color, Long Lasting, Fragrance-free, Cruelty-free


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