Essential Brow Sets

  • No more blocky Instagram brows, Hello Natural Brow!
    Natural looking brows are the hottest trend today. You want your brows to be the frame to your eyes and not overpower them.
    $49.95 (Value: $68.00)

    Brow Pencils:

    Brow pencils have a wax base to adhere better to the skin. The CARA brow pencil has a super thin self sharpening point and can define hair thin strokes to make your brows look naturally fuller and to perfection.
    No pulling, tugging or smearing. Go from a natural brow to a defined arch in seconds.
    (Value: $20.00)

    Brow Wax:

    CARA Brow wax shapes, tames and sculpts the perfect eyebrow every time. Brow Wax delivers an invisible layer of wax providing staying power and color payoff easy to achieve and maintain.
    (Value: $15.50)


  • Blonde Includes:

    Blonde Eyebrow Pencil
    Malta Small Unicolor
    Brow Wax
    Nice Large Unicolor

    Brunette Includes:

    Brunette Eyebrow Pencil
    Havana Small Unicolor
    Brow Wax
    Agadir Large Unicolor

    Sable Includes:

    Sable Eyebrow Pencil
    Roma Small Unicolor
    Brow Wax
    Cannes Large Unicolor



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