CARA means FACE in Spanish, DEAR in Italian, BELOVED and CHERISHED in Latin, FRIEND in Irish, and also LOVE.

CARA was created by Leslie G. Christin for the Global Woman to explore her beauty, artistry, and self-love.

The CARA Woman is smart, beautiful, adventurous and confident.

CARA Cosmetics is a simple beauty lifestyle, enveloping the elements of body, mind, and soul.


The CARApreneur Opportunity

CARA Cosmetics supports and promotes excellence in Makeup Artistry, Cosmetics, and Skin Care.

CARA Makeup Artists across the globe share their artistry with brushes, powders, creams and a beautiful vision. As Artists we see each Face as a blank canvas with a beautiful soul to make smile and shine.

We believe success and profits are achieved by knowledgeable and trained makeup artists educating clients through our artistry.

Many women are looking to do something creative, rewarding and on their own time. Looking for new ways to generate income by doing something they may have always wanted to do or a brand new venture...

CARA Cosmetics has the best of both worlds available now to you. A beautiful product line to sell and the artistry education you need to be trained and knowledgeable.

We invite you to join us and become a CARApreneur. CARApreneurs can receive up to a 50% profit margin on retailing CARA Cosmetics along with some of the best Makeup Education to grow your skills and thrive as a working makeup artist.




Be In Know!