CARA Foundations and Custom Blending Sampler Kit

  • This sample kit has everything you need to start your Foundation and Custom Blending Studio. You can begin to create custom blended foundations with pigments and hydrator to build your clients loyalty and recurring revenue.

  • Value: $316.00
  • Price: $155.00

    • 1 Foundations Kit Organizer
    • Perfecta Base Sampler (8 shades)
    • Hydra Luxe Satin Base Sampler (12 shades)
    • Perfect Moisture Serum Sampler
    • High Definition Loose Powder Sampler
    • Skinshimmers Sampler (4 shades)
    • Loose Powder Sampler (4 shades)
    • Pigment Sampler (Brown, Red, Yellow, White, Green, Lavender)
    • Plastic Spatula


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