Soothing Facial Kit

  • Add Hyaluronic Acid, Environmental Protection and Anti-Aging Peptides to your Daily Skincare Routine.

    This facial kit is designed to calm, soothe and moisturize sensitive and delicate reactive skin types. A synergistic blend of Aloe Vera, Arnica, Calendula, and St. John Blossoms Extracts improves skin cell regeneration and optimal moisture balance. The skin will feel cool, clear, detoxified and hydrated.

    Recommended For Sensitive and Compromised Skin types

    $169.65 (Value: $188.50)

    • Hydra Facial Wash 6oz.
    • Soothing Toner 6oz.
    • Calming Oil Cleanser 6oz.
    • Global Halo Crème 1oz.
    • Soothing Aloe Hydra Gel - Sampler x2
    • Divine Collagen Masque - Sampler
    • Myrrhaculous Peeling Gel - Sampler
    • ALA-lujah Lifting Crème -  Sampler
    • Glow Savior 30 - Sampler