Makeup Tutorials:

How to feel empowered, find your style and discover your look.

Teacher Makeover Story Ellen Roberts

3 Makeup Tips that will instantly make you look younger.

CARA Skye Palette Tutorial .

Makeup Monday - Learn what your skintype needs

Makeup Monday - The Jennifer Aniston Inspired Celebrity Look
Tutorial: Celebrity Palette

3 Minute Makeup Tutorial - Tips to Look and Feel Great On Camera

Going Grey to Blonde Hair tips for easy transition Part 1

Transition to Gray Hair and Changing your Makeup with Hooded Eyes Part 2

Webcam tips for webinars with Sheryl Plouffe

Skincare Tutorials:

Makeup Monday - Learn what your skintype needs
CARA Lemon Creme Home Facial
CARA Divine Lemon Creme Home Facial

Looks Videos:

Applying Teen Spirit Look
The Teen Look
Celebrity Tutorial
The Hollywood Look
Fall Makeup Tutorial
The Tokio Look

Beauty & Cancer:

Beauty & Cancer
Beauty in the Face of Cancer
BITFC Full Length
Jan Flint's Story


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